Types of Workers Compensation Benefits

Many people end up in the hospital as the result of a workplace accident every year. Although workplace accidents may result in a minor injury that requires only immediate treatment, it is not uncommon for a worker to suffer from long-term illness or injury because of a job-related incident. Knowing your rights when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits is a must when it comes to collecting the compensation you need and deserve. Some family members are even entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when a loved one is killed on the job. The following are the primary types of workers’ compensation benefits that you should bw aware of.

Rehab Benefits

If a workplace accident results in a long-term injury that requires rehabilitation, these rehabilitation services are covered by workers’ comp. Employees who cannot perform their current job because of a workplace injury may be eligible for job training for a new position, tuition reimbursement or retraining aimed at helping the employee learn how to complete tasks related to their current position while living with the long-term injury.

Disability Benefits

Some injuries or illnesses related to a workplace incident are so severe that an employee can no longer work at all. Disabilities resulting from workplace accidents can be temporary or permanent in nature, and a person may suffer from a partial or total disability.

Partial disabilities allow a person to complete a limited number of job tasks. A person with a partial disability will be able to work, but it is likely that such a disability will require a person to work part time or in a different position.

Full disabilities make it impossible for a person to work at all. If a full disability is temporary in nature, the employee will be able to return to work someday. However, full disabilities that are permanent mean that a person will never be able to work again.

Disability benefits that compensate a person for wages lost due to a workplace accident are typically equal to two-thirds of an employee’s normal pay. Amounts may vary according to state law.

Medical Care Benefits

Basic medical care that is received after a workplace injury occurs is covered by workers’ compensation. For example, a worker who suffers from back pain as a result of workplace activities will be able to receive compensation for any visits to a doctor’s office or chiropractor in order to have the condition diagnosed and treated.

Emergency medical care and surgeries that are necessary because of an injury that is sustained while a person is working are also covered under workers’ comp. Serious injuries or illness related to the job could result in the need for long-term medical treatment or equipment that will be covered by benefits. For example, an employee who is unable to walk because of a permanent leg injury sustained at work would be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits to pay for a wheelchair.

State law dictates whether an employee can choose a doctor when seeking treatment for a workplace injury. Some states dictate that employers may maintain a list of accepted medical professionals for the purposes of workers’ compensation claims.

Death Benefits

One of the final types of workers’ compensation benefits involve the death of the worker. Many states allow family members to receive workers’ compensation if their loved one is killed on the job. However, most states only allow spouses and children born during marriage to collect benefits. The amount of compensation varies, but the calculation usually takes the deceased worker’s wages into consideration.

Getting Help with the Various Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

These and other types of workers’ compensation benefits can be absolutely necessary for supporting your family through a time of hardship. If you have been injured on the job, you need legal representation to ensure that you get the benefits that you need to pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation, job training and lost wages. Loved ones left behind after a workplace accident results in death should also seek help from an attorney with experience in representing workers’ comp cases.

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