Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage trucks are heavy vehicles that enter residential areas to collect waste products from household activities. These vehicles are ubiquitous, which may compound the incident rate. Because their routine presence within various neighborhoods is often taken for granted, they often do not seem dangerous to small children, pedestrians and cyclists. They stop frequently, and each pickup provides an unfortunate opportunity for a collision with various kinds of residential traffic.

Garbage Truck Accidents

Whenever a collision with a garbage truck occurs, it is critical to get as much information about the incident as possible. The presence of a competent and experienced attorney may expedite the legal process; however, there is no substitute for a lawyer with specialized training in the area of truck accidents. Each piece of evidence involving a garbage truck can potentially influence the outcome of the case. Examples of important details about the collision include the angle of impact, the speed of all vehicles involved and extreme weather.

Pedestrians, cyclists and children face the greatest amount of statistical risk of being involved in a collision with a garbage truck. The fatality rates for people who collide with a garbage truck is extremely high. The size and the weight of the garbage truck may contribute to the severity of any injuries. Understanding all of the relevant conditions and circumstances in which the accident occurred is the key to obtaining appropriate compensation. For the best outcome, consult with an experienced and professional truck-accident lawyer.

Garbage Track Injuries

Every year, more than 100,000 people are involved in a collision involving commercial trucks. Out of these, the injuries sustained by individuals involved in garbage truck accidents are significant. These types of injuries tend to be severe, and fatalities are not unusual. Victims may suffer from debilitating pain, spinal cord dysfunction, fractures and other serious conditions. The medical care is, in many cases, prohibitively expensive. Victims often need to seek compensation through the legal process in order to avoid the additional burden of medical debt.

Garbage truck accidents that result from human behavior are distinctly different from collisions caused by mechanical failures, road conditions or other technical problems. The best legal approach to use is unique to each situation. Additionally, the specific issues involving garbage truck claims are substantially different than other types of accidents. Although there are many competent accident attorneys within the field, they may not have the specialized training required to effectively represent victims of garbage truck accidents.

Getting Help

In order to receive the highest amount of compensation, obtaining accurate documentation is critical. All of the circumstances that led to the injury are relevant. This documentation may include the degree and extent of the injury, the cost of peripheral damage to property, the driving history of the defendant, the presence of alcohol or drugs and other circumstantial evidence. During this process, an experienced attorney is an invaluable resource. There is a significant improvement in the outcome of legal cases handled by a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer