FedEx Truck Accidents

Everybody is familiar with the FedEx trucks that crisscross our cities daily while the drivers deliver packages to businesses and residences. Did you know that FedEx has nearly 300,000 employees scrambling to get their shipments to their intended recipients on time and in good shape? Those shipments require a massive fleet of motor vehicles, including delivery vans, freight trucks and planes emblazoned with the various FedEx logos for FedEx Ground, FedEx Home and the original FedEx Express delivery services. With so many trucks rumbling around the country, accidents are inevitable. However, just because accidents are bound to happen, it doesn’t mean that FedEx isn’t negligent when they do occur.

FedEx Truck Accidents

FedEx uses 18-wheelers to haul freight, which are also called semis or big rigs. The U.S. Department of Transportation says that these large trucks are involved in about 13 percent of all traffic accidents, and they kill about 5,000 people annually. In some cases, the drivers of the other vehicles were responsible for the accidents. However, many times the negligence of FedEx drivers and mechanics is solely responsible. Here are a few recent accidents involving FedEx vehicles.

  •  In 2008, two people were killed when a FedEx truck hit a passenger vehicle in Maryland.
  •  Two big rigs were struck by a FedEx truck in Florida in 2009. The collision caused one death and several severe injuries.
  •  In 2009, a FedEx truck smashed through a guardrail in Pennsylvania. It cascaded down the embankment until it struck a winery. The FedEx driver and helper were hurt in the crash.
  •  A FedEx driver fell asleep in 2009 while driving through North Carolina. Three people were injured when the FedEx vehicle ran into two other trucks.

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Causes of FedEx Truck Accidents

Most accidents involving FedEx trucks are caused by human error or outside factors. Those outside factors include the following.

  •  Bad weather
  •  Dangerous driving conditions
  •  Improperly loaded shipments that cause trucks to be out of balance
  •  Vehicle breakdowns

Types of human error that cause FedEx trucks to crash include the following.

  •  Drunken drivers or drivers who are under the influence of narcotics
  •  Inadequate safety training or experience
  •  Willfully disobeying traffic laws
  •  Driver fatigue
  •  Failure to yield the right of way to other vehicles when the truck is merging or turning across traffic
  •  Improper maintenance or inadequate safety checks
  •  Equipment breakdown, such as tire blowouts or brake failure
  •  Not setting the parking brake when the driver exits the vehicle
  •  Drivers not paying attention while backing up to look for an address

Getting Help

FedEx has an army of attorneys who will fight any type of personal injury or negligence claim you file. That’s why you need to find an experienced attorney who has successfully filed lawsuits against FedEx. If you or a loved one were injured due to the negligence of a FedEx truck driver, contact us so that we can discuss your case with you. We’ll vigorously defend your legal right to compensation for your injuries, damages or loss. You could be eligible to recover for medical fees, lost wages, loss of consortium and pain and suffering.

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