Renter & Landlord Liability

When a person is injured in their own home, they usually assume that liability is their own responsibility. What happens when a person is injured in a property that they are renting? Can a landlord be held liable for these injuries?

Landlords are often found to be liable under the concept of premises liability. Properties that are rented to a tenant must be maintained in a way that ensures the safety of tenants and visitors. Unfortunately, understanding who is liable when it comes to a rental property can sometimes be confusing.

Accidents Due To Code Violations

Landlords are responsible to keep their properties up to code. Code inspections may be periodically done to ensure that there are no violations, but not every property is targeted by code enforcement officers.

Failing to keep a rental property in livable condition can lead to slip and fall accidents. Examples of code violations that may contribute to falls include the following.

Staircases may be left in disrepair. Crumbling, cracking or deformities in a staircase could allow a person to trip and fall down the stairs. Serious injury may occur when stairs are not properly maintained.

Renovations or other construction projects that are being done in an apartment complex may not be properly marked. If there is no sign warning residents to stay away from the hazardous construction zone, a tenant may accidentally trip and fall in the area.

Lobbies and other common areas need to be mopped on occasion. This leads to a slippery floor, and a sign warning tenants about the hazard should be put up. If a slip and fall occurs and a warning was not visible, the property manager or owner could be held liable.

Sidewalks and curbs that are uneven or crumbling could cause a dangerous situation where a trip and fall accident could happen.

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