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Drunk driving is considered a reckless act and it is the reason behind numerous road accidents every year. The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman help drunk driving accident victims in winning the compensation for their loss. Our legal team will assist you in filing a claim to impose penalties, and to punish drunk drivers for negligent action.

When you have our Philadelphia Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys beside you, be assured that they will strive to establish a strong case to justify any kind of punitive damages. The drunk driving incident can mean an immense loss for the victim, and the person felts the financial impact resulting from the accident for months or years. This rate of drunk driving is also why we face such ever-increasing insurance premiums.

There are legal means to demand compensation for any loss that you have suffered due to a drunk driving crash. After all, it’s your right to receive compensation for all that you have had to face.

You had to bear medical expenses, suffering and pain, lost wages, grief counselling, and even funeral expenses. Our Philadelphia drunk driving accident lawyer ensures that an innocent victim gets the deserving compensation for a drunk driver’s reckless and selfish acts.

Philadelphia Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Types of accidents caused by drunk drivers

Consumption of alcohol, sometimes even in limited quantities, can majorly impact the reaction time, coordination, and judgment of a driver. It results in the driver making bad decisions and causing avoidable accidents. Here are the common types of accidents that can result from drunk driving:

    • Head-on car accidents

Drunk drivers usually become too drowsy to keep their eyes open or end up falling asleep at the wheel. As a result, they might veer head-on into the car in front. Moreover, an auto accident also occurs because alcohol reduces the vision of a person.

Thus, their ability to perceive traffic signals and signs or comprehend the acts of the other drivers is also severely compromised. Head-on car accidents cause fatal injuries and damages. It is suggested to consult your Philadelphia DUI Lawyer to seek compensation for your loss.

    • Rear-end car accidents

A person’s ability to gauge distances is severely impaired, and their reaction time gets slowed down when they are intoxicated. It can make them incapable of controlling their vehicle in time when the other driver stops ahead or slows down the car. Drunk drivers might also believe they have slowed down when, in reality, they have not. Such car or truck accidents can lead to serious head injuries, neck injuries, and back injuries for the victim.

    • Pedestrian accidents

lawyer for drunk driving also has to deal with many pedestrian accidents caused by drunk drivers. When driving under the influence of alcohol, especially during the night, the drivers with their impaired vision might not notice pedestrians. Such accidents might cause serious injuries and even lead to death

    • Wrong-way wreckage

An intoxicated driver will not be able to read or comprehend the traffic signs. In fact, he might not even realize that it is going the wrong way on the exit or entrance to a highway or a one-way street.

Waive the limited tort option as per law

An experienced Philadelphia drunk driving accident lawyer will ask you if you have selected the auto insurance policy’s limited tort option. You can recover compensations for pain and suffering from the convicted driver even after choosing the insurance policy’s limited tort option. It remains the same even after the driver has completed the ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) program in Pennsylvania instead of conviction.  

In general, the limited tort option lets you get low-cost insurance. However, it also restricts your capacity to pursue the claim against negligent drivers for the suffering and pain that has been caused by accident, unless you have severe injuries.

This limitation is waived if the driver causing the accident was driving under the influence. You can claim compensation for your suffering, regardless of how serious your injuries are. Besides pain and suffering, you can also demand compensation for lost wages, physical therapy, and other medical expenses.

Reasons to hire an experienced drunk driving attorney in Philadelphia

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), drunk driving kills thirty people every day, which means one person in every fifty-three minutes. If you have been in an accident where the driver was drunk, you should waste no time getting in touch with the Philadelphia DUI accident attorneys.

Though you can always represent yourself in such cases, it is still better to have a lawyer handling the proceedings. A lawyer will increase your chances of securing a fair settlement in the following ways:

    • Detailed scrutiny of the case-

If you retain us, our drunk driver lawyers will go over your case with an expert’s eye and leave out no details. We will work out the way, be it talking to the witnesses or looking at the traffic cam footage.

    • In-depth knowledge of the DUI laws

A well-reputed drunk driving injury lawyer has handled many cases like yours before. So, we have a clear understanding of the steps to take to get you the maximum possible compensation for your suffering and pain.

    • Negotiation of fair settlements-

Remember that your insurance company wants to make profits, and not end up losing money. However, when you have us by your side, we will make sure that you don’t have to accept an unfair settlement.

    • Be your support in the court-

Your case will reach the court if it could not be resolved at the time of the settlement. But, you have nothing to worry about when a knowledgeable lawyer is by your side to handle your claim.

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Common Questions about Drunk and Drive Cases

Can I sue my neighbors if their teenage guests were drinking and hit my car?

You may be able to hold the adult neighbors responsible for their negligent supervision of the teenagers. However, hosts cannot be held responsible for their guests’ actions in every circumstance..

Can I sue a drunk driver if I was hurt in an accident as a passenger in the car?

Drivers have a responsibility to pedestrians, other drivers on the road, and their passengers, even when the driver is intoxicated. However, you may face difficulties if the driver can prove that you willingly rode in the car as a passenger, knowing the driver was drunk. 

May I file a civil case against a drunk driver if the criminal case is still pending?

Yes, and it is best not to wait, because there is a statute of limitations for these types of cases. Your personal injury lawyer can advise you on timing.

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