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The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman has excellent attorneys to help taxi accident claimants. We follow a unique strategy for every client, depending on their losses, damages, and other circumstances. This helps us in winning the settlement amount without any hassle.

Some Taxicab Accidents are fatal, while some of them face a certain level of damages and injuries. Apart from the concern of injury, being involved in a taxi accident can invite several other hassles. If you have been recently involved in one, here are the keys that will help you navigate the right direction!

Accidents that involve taxis and minicabs are more common than you may think. As per research performed by Philadelphia Taxi Accident Attorney in reputed law firms, the most common causes of taxi accidents include the following:

  • Violation of car seat rules
  • Ignorance of seat belts
  • Lack of time or hasting into a particular destination
  • Distracted driving due to GPS
  • Stretched hours of driving duty

Some of the most common injuries involved with such accidents include the following,

  • Concussion
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones

Some of the most recent data recorded back in 2017 states that; there were approximately thirty critical or fatal crashes and injuries per 100,000 TLC-licensed taxis.

There were around 24,101 individuals who were seriously injured in the road traffic incidents that were reported. The percentage of such accidents is only on the rise. This is becoming a huge concern now.

Taxi accident claims – In the perspective of a passenger

If you were a passenger traveling in the cab and suffered from head, neck and back injury, or any other injury, the outcome would be different. The process will be less hectic for you. This is because you will not need to worry about any liability.

In this case, you can file a third-party claim. The Philadelphia Taxicab Accident claims can be against both or just one driver depending on the situation. You can then let the liability be sorted out among both of the drivers or one as you have filed the claim.

After the Taxicab accident

Now, this is commonly a situation when most people get very puzzled. But whether you are a driver or a passenger, the post-accident actions would be the same, more or less. Here is the breakdown of the steps:

  • Check for damages and injuries and seek medical assistance immediately if needed.
  • Take photographs and notes of all that you can serve as shreds of evidence.
  • Do a 360* check if anything is left.
  • Take contact details of all the witnesses you find.
  • Take the contact details of your cab driver and the other party along with their insurance details.
  • Request to move at a secured place if possible.
  • Launch a complaint in the nearest police station and keep a record of the report.

Details of Filing a Taxi Accident Claim

If you are a driver whose car was hit by another vehicle, you can do two things. You can either bring the matter to the courtroom via a personal injury lawsuit, or you can file a third-party insurance claim with the specific cab’s insurer.

If you are passenger who was Injured in Taxicab Accidents, you can file a claim with the insurers of the drivers who are involved in the accident. If the mishap occurred in the state of no-fault car insurance, you would most probably need to file a PIP that is Personal Injury Protection. This claim is for your lost earnings under the coverage, medical bills, etc.

For generalized damages you can claim for the following types of compensations:

  • Mental trauma.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Life changing injuries.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Future medical expenses.
  • Adaptions to the home.
  • Additional transport expenses.
  • Loss of earnings.

However, if you are filing a claim with the driver’s insurers, which is more common, you will need to prove that any of the drivers were negligent. Then only you can expect successful claim approval and compensation. This is the most tricky and challenging part where most tend to struggle.

This is precisely where the importance of an experienced taxi accident solicitor comes into the picture. A reputed Taxi Accident Attorney is the best professional to connect regarding taxi accidents related legal matters.

Talk to a Philadelphia taxi accident lawyer for extended legal help!

Whether you were a driver or passenger involved in the accident, this is the smartest step you can take. It is highly recommended that you contact a personal injury attorney as they will certainly look out for your best interests.

There are many unlikely situations you will face while filing a claim and especially representing your case. Hence, contacting a lawyer is the best thing to do. From gathering evidence, collaborating with the opposite party, insurance agency to representing your case, our team will handle it all.

Our experienced Philadelphia taxi accident lawyer will always stand by your side and help to recover the loss and damages without any hassle.

Common Questions Asked By Taxi Accident Victims

The amount of the compensation is mainly dependent on the type of accident and injury you have faced. Your amount of settlement shall be impacted by several different factors, which include the time of recovery and the severity of the accident.

One can file a taxi accident claim when they met the accident and were not at fault or minimally at fault. You will need to make sure that you have suffered some kind of loss. You need to ensure that the accident had put you in a hectic situation now. The claim must be made at least six months within the date of the accident.

There are many cases of accidents where neither of the parties is sure if they were at fault or were not. But to keep your rights protected and play it safe, it is important to run a good check while considering your claim. The best approach, as mentioned above, you can take involves an experienced Philadelphia taxi accident lawyer.

A legal professional will be investigating the case thoroughly and be able to detect the actual fault of either party transparently. Until and unless the accident has not been deemed entirely to be your fault, you will file a claim.

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