Criminal Negligence Lawyer

What is Criminal Negligence?

Loved ones left behind after criminal negligence has occurred deal with the pain of loss and financial burden of final expenses.

Anyone who has lost a loved one because of criminal negligence should contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss how they can get the compensation they need. Mourning a loss is difficult enough without having to struggle to pay for a loved one’s final expenses.

Criminal negligence almost always results in the death of the victim, and this type of case is considered to be a criminal case instead of a civil suit. The negligent party must be proven to have been willfully negligent in a way that caused injuries to the victim that likely resulted in a death.

Because of the likelihood that the victim of criminal negligence will die because of negligent actions, criminal negligence is considered to be the most serious type of negligence.

It must be proven in a court of law that the death of the victim occurred because the negligent party did not act as a reasonable person would.

Criminal Negligence Lawyer

Examples of Criminal Negligence

  •  Criminally negligent homicide occurs when a person who is acting in a criminally negligent manner causes the death of another person. An example of criminally negligent homicide is when a person drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol and causes an accident that kills another person.
  •  Any act done while operating a motor vehicle that can take attention off of the road and lead to the death of another person can be considered to be criminal negligence. Talking on a cell phone or texting are two examples of actions that could lead to injury or death to another person because of the negligence of a driver.
  •  Child endangerment involving neglect occurs when a child is injured or killed because the caretaker of the child acted negligently. For example, a gate around a swimming pool may be left open to give a child access to a pool and lead to a drowning death. Leaving a child in a car on a hot day is another example of criminal negligence that could lead to the death of the child.
  •  Driving under the influence could also be a form of neglectful child endangerment if a child is injured or killed when a parent is under the influence.

Getting Help with Criminal Negligence Lawyer

When a loved one is killed due to criminal negligence, the pain of loss often renders those responsible for final expenses unable to deal with the financial aspect of the situation. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to help with pursuing compensation is important in this case.

A criminal negligence lawsuit will also involve pursuing criminal charges against the responsible party since it is a criminal lawsuit instead of a civil suit.

Dealing with the most serious type of negligence is hard, but having a Criminal Negligence Lawyer on your side can make the process of moving ahead easier.

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