Get Your Rightful Compensation for Neck Injury Claims In Philadelphia - My Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

Get Your Rightful Compensation for Neck Injury Claims In Philadelphia

Get Your Rightful Compensation for Neck Injury Claims In Philadelphia

The neck injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman understand that every accident case is different. So, the injury, damage and the extent of loss also varies to a great extent. It is not always easy to foretell the kind of settlement you are going to receive if you are making a claim. Success all depends on the merits of your case. However, what would be wrong for you is to avoid or get delayed in making a claim, when you have suffered something as serious as a neck injury.

Philadelphia Neck Injury Attorney at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, we hold rich experiences of handling neck injury cases. We have all the answers to neck injury claims that most of the claimants ask from legal experts.


Neck injuries are common in cases involving slip and fall, car crashes, and similar such accidents. In some cases, the injuries on your neck are obvious and they need immediate medical attention. But there are also many cases where the neck injuries are not that obvious. They initially start off as stiffness or pain and keep increasing to become unmanageable over time.

This is clear proof that all kinds of neck injuries, regardless of how much pain you initially feel, need medical attention pronto. And, if the negligence of another person has caused your neck injury, then you should also look into filing a personal injury lawsuit straightaway.

Mis happenings that can cause neck injuries

Neck injuries mainly refer to the damages to your neck’s soft tissue, which is common in case of rear-end car accidents. A car being rear-ended means that the impact propelled the passenger’s bodies and the driver forward while their heads stayed in place. This exposed the neck to sudden and extreme flexion and extension, damaging its soft tissue.

Though car accidents are the most common cause of neck injuries, they are not the only reason. A person can also suffer from such injuries due to:

  • Contact sports including soccer, hockey and football.
  • Snowboarding and skiing accidents.
  • Intentional assaults leading to head trauma.
  • Accidents without rear-end impacts.
  • Slip and fall accidents in business establishments.

A common misconception is that a neck injury is usually not that serious because it involves soft tissue damage. However, medical evidence has proved time and again that such injuries are serious and leave long-term impacts if not treated on time. Thus, you need to get your injuries checked out as soon as you can and get in touch with a well-reputed neck injury accident law firm.

After someone faces neck injury

Neck injuries are more common than what one might think, but the problem lies in establishing them in a personal injury claim. Being a soft tissue injury, they are not highlighted in MRIs, X-rays, or any other kind of diagnostic test. Of course, that does not mean neck injuries are any less painful or that your claim is not legitimate.

So, if you feel any stiffness, limited movement, discomfort, pain, or any such symptoms related to a neck injury, you need to seek medical attention right after the accident. Getting the right medical treatment for your injuries is crucial to your well-being. However, it’s equally important for the injury-related claims that you can make after your accident.

Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster will not simply take your word for it and write you a check. Your losses have to be well-documented even before you hire a lawyer neck injury. Suppose you can show medical bills and records to prove that you had to undergo extensive medical treatments for the neck injuries sustained due to the accident. In that case, you have a great way of proving your damages and securing your rightful claim.

How is hiring a neck injury lawyer beneficial?

If you have suffered neck injuries due to the negligence of someone else, then you need to file a personal injury claim. Having a lawyer by your side can be immensely helpful in such cases for more reasons than one.

Personal injury claims can be file for many types of accident that caused neck injury. It can be auto accidents, slip and fall injury, dog bite injury, etc. A skilled neck Injury Lawyer Philadelphia with prior experience in dealing with neck injury cases will be able to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve, in the following ways:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your case: The lawyer will review your case in detail to understand your claim’s circumstances and merits and figure out the right plan of action.
  • Assessing all your legal options: An experienced lawyer is an upfront and honest with you about the claim’s merits. He will outline all your legal options and help you decide on the best choice.
  • Pursuing all compensations, you deserve: As we mentioned earlier, neck injury is difficult to prove as a claim. But the neck injury lawyer Philadelphiatrusts has enough expertise to be relentless in his pursuit of securing you the compensations you deserve.

If you want to protect your rights and get your well-deserved compensation, you need an expert personal injury lawyer by your side.

Damages for which we can help you in getting compensation

There are several kinds of damages involved in the case of a neck injury. The first kind is that of your financial damages, which you need to add up to reach a total amount. For instance, if you have $2,000 worth of lost earnings and $5,000 worth of medical bills, then your total financial damages add up to $7,000.

This is the main category of damages in case of a neck injury. Compensation of suffering and pain is the second category of damages.

Pain and suffering are difficult to establish in a neck injury claim, but there are ways to ensure that, as well. For instance, the nature of the treatment is a good indicator of suffering. If the jury sees that a majority of your money went into seeing doctors and physicians (and not chiropractors and therapists), they might be sympathetic to your claim.

Discuss your rights with an experienced neck injury attorney in Philadelphia!

Put your personal injury claim in the skilled attorneys’ capable hands at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman to obtain the rightful compensation for your suffering. With years of experience in handling such personal injury claims, we will ensure that your rights are secured. We have helped many neck injury plaintiffs receive justice, and now it is your turn.

Let your search for a Philadelphia Neck Injury Attorney end right here with us to ensure a speedy and just resolution of your claim. So, get in touch with us today and book your free consultation.

Commonly Asked Questions By Neck Injury Victims To Attorneys

Yes, if you faced an accident, be it auto accident, slip and fall, etc. due to someone else’s fault, and your neck injury started troubling you even months’ later. Per Tort law, there are certain time limits for filing every kind of case. You can explore the laws of your area by consulting an experienced attorney near you.

Well, it completely depends on the circumstances that you faced, facing or may face in the future due to the neck injury. You can expect compensation for hefty medical expenses, lost wages, pains and sufferings, etc.

Neck injuries are of many types. A few neck injuries that you can include mention in your claim are cervical spondylosis, prolapsed discs, severe long-term neck pain, any kind of permanent neck injuries

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