Preventing Elder Abuse and Neglect

Millions of elderly people become the victims of physical or emotional abuse every year. Elder abuse is expected to become more prevalent as the population of the U.S. ages. One way to make elder abuse less common is by learning how to prevent abuse and neglect. An experienced attorney can assist victims and their families with collecting compensation after abuse has occurred.

One way to be proactive about decreasing the prevalence of elder abuse is by learning how to prevent abuse and neglect. Many elderly people fail to report abuse because they do not feel that anyone will listen to them. This belief can be eliminated if people take the time to ask questions and listen to the responses. Some victims of abuse may even be willing to open up about the issue if they are asked a simple question about how their day has gone.

How To Prevent Elder Abuse and Neglect

Listening to caregivers is also important when preventing elder abuse. Some caregivers start neglecting or abusing an elderly person because they feel pressured by the constant needs of the person. While stress is not an excuse for becoming physically or emotionally abusive, it is possible to prevent abuse by offering to find another person to care for an elderly person while their normal caregiver gets some rest.

Taking the time to intervene when elder abuse is suspected is another way to prevent abuse. Report suspicions of abuse promptly to prevent additional incidents. Reporting abuse could prevent other elderly people from becoming victims.Helping others learn about being proactive about preventing elder abuse and neglect is also an important component in the prevention process. Advocates for putting a stop to elder abuse play a key role in reducing the number of abuse victims.

Caregivers should take the initiative to care for themselves in order to prevent elder abuse. It is not uncommon for a friend or family member to become physically or emotionally abusive to an elderly person due to exhaustion. Caregivers must understand that it is acceptable to ask for help when it is needed. Adult daycare facilities are available to help caregivers get some rest while an elderly person is cared for by a professional.

Methods of reducing stress can be discussed with the physician of a caretaker. There may be support groups available for people who take care of an elderly loved one. Caregivers should also seek help for any addictions that they may be suffering from.

Elder abuse hotlines can be utilized by caregivers if they feel that they have displayed abusive behavior toward an elderly person. Contacting these helplines enables a caregiver to get help for both themselves and the elderly person.

Friends or family members should take care to look for the signs of elder abuse when spending time with an elderly person. Abuse needs to be reported as soon as it is suspected. It may be necessary to monitor medication levels to determine whether an elderly person is receiving medication as directed by a medical professional.

Financial exploitation can be detected by going through the financial records of an elderly person. Credit card and bank statements should be scanned to determine if there are any unexplained charges being made.

Loved ones can also help prevent elder abuse by making an effort to take over for caregivers on occasion. This gives caretakers a chance to rest and allows loved ones to look for signs of physical or emotional abuse.

Elderly people can protect themselves from abuse by finding a solid support system. Professional, experienced financial advisors with a positive reputation can help elderly people keep their finances in order. It is also important for elderly people to take the time to talk to others about any concerns related to the level of care that a person is receiving.

Getting Help With Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is an unfortunate reality that becomes more common each year. Millions of victims of elder abuse across the U.S. are silently suffering. Victims and people who suspect elder abuse should report incidents as soon as possible to prompt an investigation. The assistance of a legal professional is necessary in order for a victim to collect compensation for the financial losses suffered as a result of abuse. Contact our law firm to schedule an appointment.