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Nursing Home Negligence & Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Negligence & Elder Abuse

At a certain point, it may become unsafe for an elderly person to live alone. When a person is placed in a nursing home, it is usually done to ensure his or her safety and well being.

While most nursing homes provide exceptional care, abuse and neglect do happen. The elderly residents of nursing homes are especially vulnerable members of our society.

Many times, they are too frightened to speak out against the abuse from which they are suffering; other times, they do not have the mental faculties to defend themselves.

As a result, it is imperative that friends, family members and other loved ones be aware of the signs of nursing home neglect and other types of elder abuse.

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Types and Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Most people are well aware of the types of nursing home abuse that can happen. When a person is punched, kicked or otherwise physically abused, the signs are usually readily apparent. Neglect, however, is a lot more insidious and can be trickier to detect. In fact, an elderly person may not even realize that he or she is being neglected. As a result, they may not voluntarily speak out about the situation.

The most common types of neglect that happen in nursing homes fall into the following categories:

Basic Needs

Incredibly, the residents of nursing homes don’t always receive ample amounts of nutrition; as a result, they can become malnourished and dehydrated. Their living environments aren’t always kept clean, leaving them to live in squalor. Senior citizens who unexplainably lose a lot of weight or who are reluctant to allow visitors into their rooms may be suffering from this type of neglect.

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Personal Hygiene

The elderly often need help to stay clean; all too often, however, they don’t receive the assistance that they need. Signs of this type of neglect include the odor of urine or feces, a visibly unclean appearance, soiled clothing and poor dental hygiene.

Emotional Needs

Top-notch nursing homes always make sure to engage their residents to keep them active and healthy. A pervasive type of neglect involves isolation. In this case, no one makes any real effort to interact with an elderly resident. Such individuals may exhibit strong signs of depression; they may withdraw from friends and family, too. Verbal abuse is also an all-too-common occurrence. Senior citizens who seem frightened of staff may be experiencing this type of abuse.

Medical Care

As people age, their medical needs generally increase. Therefore, most nursing home residents usually require medication. It is exceptionally important to keep the residents active, too. Constant supervision is also imperative. Signs of this type of nursing home neglect include frequent, severe falls, bed sores, suffocation in bed and declining health due to inappropriate or infrequent doses of medication.

Nursing home abuse and neglect are unfortunate and all-too-common problems in today’s society. By understanding the types of abuse and neglect that can occur – and by having a clear idea about the signs that they are occurring – it is easier to protect elderly loved ones.

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