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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

When you face a car accident, and someone else was responsible for it, talking to a car accident lawyer should be your first priority after getting the necessary medical help. The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman have specialized Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers who have been handling complex car accident claims for decades.

Our legal team is considered one of the preferred contact points when Philadelphians need efficient personal injury lawyers. The strategy of handling every car accident case at our law firm is customized because of our clients’ different needs.

We fight for your rights in the cases of car accident claims. All car accident victims face different kinds of injuries, losses, and damages. The circumstances under which people face car accidents also varies. Hence, our legal strategy also remains different for each of our clients.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Philadelphia

  • Hundreds of car accidents happen in the Philadelphia area each and every year. If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, there are steps that you can take to ensure the most positive outcome possible. 
  • When accidents aren’t handled properly, innocent people’s rights are ignored, and the consequences can last for years or even decades following the accident.
  • Whether it is you or another driver at fault, it is often beneficial to hire a competent and experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney for your car accident case.
  • As important as hiring a good attorney is, there are several other things you should do in the immediate aftermath of an auto accident. 
  • The following items will help you not only handle the accident appropriately, but also obtain critical information once your safety is no longer in jeopardy. The most critical steps are outlined below.
Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer
Philly Car Accident Lawyer

Critical Steps After A Car Accident

  • Get Yourself Out of Harm’s Way

Philadelphia’s roadways are congested, and people are often seriously injured because they stay put after an accident. Immediately after an auto accident occurs, you should do what you can to get yourself and any other people involved out of harm’s way. People are often seriously injured because they stay put after an accident. 

  • Move Your Vehicle (if possible)

After an auto accident, you should do what you can to move your vehicle off the road. Unless your vehicle is completely immobilized, you should make every effort to get it onto the shoulder, the median, or any place where it will not be right in the line of traffic. The longer it stays on the road, the higher the odds are that it will be hit again.

  • Contact the Authorities

If anyone has been seriously injured, it is crucial to get medical attention right away. You should also contact the police, regardless of whether any injuries have been sustained. After you call, they may or may not decide to come to the scene. If they do not, you should still follow up by filing a police report later. You will need it for your case.

  • Take Photos of the Damages

After ensuring that everyone is okay, take several photos with your cell phone or digital camera. It is important to do this before anyone drives away. In addition to photographing the vehicles that are involved, take photos of the scene itself. Make sure you also get photos of important information, like license plate numbers. 

Exchanging Information After a Car Accident

  • In the case of a minor fender-bender, you may think it is not important to collect the other driver’s information. However, this assumption is incorrect. You should always exchange information after a car accident in Philadelphia, regardless of the severity of damages.
  • If possible, at the absolute least, you may benefit from getting the other driver’s contact information, insurance information, and license plate number. Another important detail to take note of is the make and model of the other driver’s car.

Contact a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Beware of Insurance Adjusters:

  • Following an accident, an insurance adjuster may attempt to collect information from you. You may even be asked to provide a written or recorded statement.
  • People often make the mistake of working with insurance adjusters after car accidents, and their words often come back to haunt them. 
  • It’s often beneficial to refrain from talking to an insurance adjuster directly without contacting a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer first. Even if you are positive that you are not at fault, do not fall into this trap. 

After a car accident, you may be approached by people who claim to be on your side, but do not truly have your best interests in mind. You need to do what you can to protect your rights, and the surest way to do that is by hiring the right lawyer.

Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney

No matter what the specific circumstances of your car accident may be, you should contact an experienced Car Accident Lawyer as quickly as possible. There are too many variables at play in cases like this, and too many things can go wrong.

With the experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney by your side, you should be able to get through your ordeal as quickly and successfully as possible. Don’t wait– contact The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman now to help with your car accident case.

Common Types of Car Accidents

  • Driver Making a Left-Hand Turn

Many of the most serious injuries that we see at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman occur as the result of drivers making left-hand turns without sufficient clearance. Often, these accidents will occur when a driver is rushing to make a left-hand turn before a traffic light turns red.

  • Driver Not Yielding Properly

Accidents are caused every day by drivers who are leaving parking lots or driveways and entering onto a roadway. Whether they are driving a car, truck, bus, motorcycle, or other motor vehicles, Pennsylvania law requires that all drivers leaving an area other than a roadway must yield the right of way to drivers who are already on the roadway.

  • Rear-End Accident / Following too Closely

Proper drivers always maintain the recommended appropriate distance between their own car and the car in front of them. Unfortunately, with the rise of cell phones promoting distracted driving, drivers often become unaware of their surroundings and cause rear-end collisions. These accidents can cause serious injuries including herniations, broken bones, muscle tears, sprains, strains, and more.

  • Drifting from the Proper Lane

With the rise of texting while driving, it has become increasingly common to see drivers drifting in and out of their lane while trying to type out a message. When a driver drifts out of his or her lane and causes an accident, this driver has violated the law.

When a driver violates the law and causes you injury, the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman stands ready to help you obtain a full and appropriate financial settlement. 

If you need a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney, call the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accident Claims

Generally, neck injuries, back and spine injuries, fractured bones, partial paralysis due to severe injuries, etc. are reasons people file a claim. The settlement amount will depend on various circumstances, and it is better to consult an injury attorney to know details more specific to your claim.

The ultimate decision is on the judge or jury who is handling your case. But, to get your accident case reviewed and an accurate estimate, you can connect with our experienced car accident lawyers in Philadelphia. We will fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve for your losses and damages.

Here are a few expenses that you can expect after winning your claim;

  1. Emergency medical care that you took after the accident.
  2. Present and Future medical expenses. This can include medications, lab test reports, surgical procedures, etc.
  3. Vehicle damage expenses like repair or replacement of some parts.
  4. In-home health care services.
  5. Lost earnings, lost wages, etc.
  6. Pain and suffering.

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