Access your legal Rights with Pedestrian accident Attorney

Access your legal Rights with Pedestrian accident Attorney

Access your legal Rights with Pedestrian accident Attorney

The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman understand the condition of a pedestrian when facing an accident. Many pedestrians face accidents and get injured without any fault. But they are not aware of their legal rights and keep suffering. Pedestrians are more prone to face severe injuries in all types of traffic accidents. It is becoming a concerning matter now.

When a vehicle driver collides with another vehicle, it can hit the pedestrian and cause severe injuries. Head and neck injuries, bone fractures, etc. are common injuries that pedestrians face in various types of accidents.

The team of Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Attorney at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman help such claimants in the legal process. Our lawyers have handled many cases in our two decades of professional experience.

You have all the rights to file a claim and get monetary compensation for your losses and other damages. We are considered one of the preferable law firms for all types of personal injury cases, including pedestrian accidents.

What triggers pedestrian dangers and injuries?

As per source, there are many additional pedestrian safety regulations and rules that have been implemented by governing bodies of individual nations. The rules are specific and applicable for vehicle drivers and motorists as well, along with road users for pedestrian safety. However, despite the implementation of such rules, the accidents are not completely preventable.

According to the affirmations of reputed pedestrian accident law firm, there are many unavoidable situations and causes due to which these injuries can occur. Here are some of them:

  • Unmarked Crosswalks
  • Drinking and driving
  • Unmarked Crosswalks
  • Dark colored clothes
  • Poorly lit streets
  • Quiet cars
  • Left-hand turning points
  • Inappropriate use of the lane

As pedestrians, motorists, drivers, or bicyclists, it is essential to mark these points in mind to avoid a pedestrian injury as much as possible. As facing one will only invite stress on your life that can last quite long. But in case you have already had fallen prey to one, here is what you need to know about.

The post-accident phase and what to do?

The urban settings are the most vulnerable areas to pedestrian accidents. The streets and alleys in city areas of the world are only getting busier. The severe injury cases due to pedestrian accidents are much more painful than the number of fatal issues. Every year, there is at least a 3% rise in the percentage of pedestrian accidents.

Most of the time, people get incredibly nervous and feel stressed out when they face such situations, mostly when alone. So, here are some is a list of points that will be ticked in your mind and help you act right to spot:

  • Photograph all damages and injuries for serving as evidence to your pedestrian accident lawyer and insurance agency.
  • Get the contact information of your witnesses immediately.
  • Notice if there was any CCTV camera set-up in the area of your accident. This will make things clear. A pedestrian attorney can surely help you with that.
  • Launch a complaint in the nearest police station. Don’t forget to get a record of your complaint.
  • Keep all the receipts of all expenses that are associated with costs.
  • Keep all your documents to show all the proofs of your losses.

The same steps will be necessary if you are planning on filing a pedestrian accident claim. You can file a pedestrian injury claim when facing psychological, physical, and financial harm due to an accident. Mostly you will be foiling a pedestrian injury claim against any of the following cases:

  • Local government entity for low maintenance.
  • A driver or motorist who has hit you on way.
  • An individual who was responsible for maintaining a particular pavement, road or a parking lot.

What about the compensation or settlement amount?

Only after adequate information is collected, will you attain a specific idea about your compensation percentage. Here are the two factors that will impact your compensation amount.

  • The pain and suffering for which your injury has caused. For example, a minor scratch, twitch or severe head injury or neck and back injury.
  • The impact the injury had on your regular lifestyle.
  • If you want an exact evaluation of your case, your pedestrian accident lawyer will be the best person to provide you an idea with.

An experienced PI attorney will be able to help you out with any kind of injury. That may involve slip and fall accidents, vehicle crashes and many more.

Consulting a Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Attorney is always good.

As per the records of The National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 7,680 fatal pedestrian accident cases were reported in a single year. Most of these cases occur in intersection areas, or heavy traffic or late nights, which have been beyond control.

You cannot avoid the fact that a momentary pedestrian accident can put you out of your regular lifestyle quite easily. Whether it was the opposite party’s fault or your fault, you have to deal with the post-accident phase, which is certainly not easy to do alone.

Contacting a legal professional with expertise in the field will make the job significantly easier for you. It is one of the most important moves that you can take to let yourself recover in peace while your attorney handles all the trouble and hassles on behalf of you!


  • Deep investing the case.
  • Detecting the fault.
  • Determining the damages.
  • Collaborating with insurance agencies.
  • Conducting calls with witnesses or necessary third parties.
  • Helping to decide your next moves.

Other than that, there are very fine lines that will require legal expertise to navigate through  the case’s procedure. Often people hesitate to reach out to a legal expert to protect their finances. However, this can result in opposite consequences because lawyers will may not always have your best interests in mind.

Remember, in these types of cases, your evidence and voice will be attempted to be hidden under the paperwork. This can be done by the opposite party, or even insurance companies. Those situations will always need an expert communicator with legal insights and sharp tactics.

Contact a reputed pedestrian accident lawyer to reserve your rights.

It is important to reach claim approval and a fair amount of compensation. To cut out hectic responsibilities, the best you can do is find a good legal firm to hire an experienced Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Attorney who deals with pedestrian accident cases.

Our team follows an effective and customized legal strategy for every claimant. Depending on your circumstances, and needs, our lawyers will help accordingly in the legal process.

Hence, you are sure to get excellent legal assistance here.

Common questions asked by pedestrian accident victims

Now that you are informed about pedestrian accidents’ ins and outs, here are some quick FAQ’s to go through. These are the most common queries that face pedestrian accidents.

Much is spoken about how to file claims but it is also important to consider the above question. A claim might not be a suitable decision for anyone and everyone. For your idea, here are some of the examples of the types of injuries for which you can file a pedestrian injury claim.

  • Broken bones
  • Minor injuries
  • Emotional trauma
  • Traumatic head, spine and brain injuries
  • Fatality

One can recover the damages that have to take place due to a pedestrian accident like any other injury case. But the damages are generally evaluated with the help of a multiple based on the severity of the injury. The amount of your medical bill will then be multiplied by the number in order to settle. For instance, a comparatively serious injury will get you more than an adequate amount to recover your damages.

In many cases, the pedestrian remains partially at fault. But that does not indicate that you will be unable to file a claim. This is the case when you are held responsible for the accident to a partial degree. There is a specific percentage to it that the legal authority or your pedestrian attorney will use. So, if you are considered to be 30% at fault, you will be getting 70% of your claiming amount.

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