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If you have been injured in an accident without being at fault, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and seek appropriate compensation. Our legal team has in-depth knowledge of tort law and can help you file a strong personal injury claim. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have experience handling a broad spectrum of complex personal injury claims, and we have secured favorable outcomes for many clients through settlements and litigation.

Some common scenarios that often give rise to personal injury claims include motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites and attacks, slip-and-fall accidents, and accidents in the workplace. If your injury arose from one of these situations, you should speak with one of our skilled lawyers about filing a personal injury claim.

The rules that govern personal injury law articulate how a victim can seek compensation for the losses and damages that result from an accident. To succeed in a personal injury claim, it is usually essential to prove another party’s fault. Meticulous documentation of the circumstances surrounding the accident can be an important way to support your claim.

An experienced Philadelphia injury lawyers plays a crucial role

Because every accident and every injury are different, the strategy that a personal injury lawyer employs should be different, as well. A reputable personal injury lawyer will know the nuanced differences between managing a car accident case and a truck accident matter, as well as the different approaches required for various types of medical malpractice claims.Many personal injury claims can be favorably settled outside the courtroom, based on strong legal negotiations on behalf of the parties' legal representation.

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    Our Philadelphia injury lawyers can evaluate your case, analyze the losses and damages you have suffered, and devise a strategy to help you win fair compensation. If you have suffered pain and other damages because of someone else’s fault or negligence, it is important to file a strong personal injury claim to improve your chances of collecting appropriate monetary compensation. Having one of our experienced personal injury lawyers by your side can be a great help.

    Practice Areas


    Car Accidents

    A car accident is one of the most stressful events that a person can experience. It can cause severe injuries, financial damages, and/or the loss of property, mobility, or even loved ones...

    Motorcycle Accidents

    A large number of motorcycle accidents occur because not all bikes are properly lab-tested for safety. If this was the case for you, then you may have grounds to pursue legal action....

    Truck Accidents

    With over 12 million commercial trucks traveling the roads of this country, it’s no surprise that larger vehicles such as these cause the most hazardous injuries in comparison to regular automobile accidents. ..

    Auto Accident

    Any type of auto accident that occurs due to the fault of another, to any degree, can be taken to court. You can file a claim and win compensation proportional to the other party’s responsibility for the accident. ..

    Slip and Fall Injury

    The seriousness of slip and fall accidents should never be underestimated. These types of accidents can result in injuries that last a life-time, so don’t wait to pursue legal action...

    Train Accident

    About 5,800 train accidents occur every year in the U.S., 2,300 of which result in injuries. If you or one of your loved ones are one of those 2,300, talk to an attorney and get the deserving compensation. ..

    Dog Bite Injury

    A dog bite can be a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. If you have been subject to such an experience due to the fault of another, you should file a claim...

    Medical Malpractice

    All healthcare professionals must follow and uphold certain regulations and standards when providing their services. When a professional fails to do so, those affected can sue them and seek compensation...

    About Samuel Fishman, Esq.

    Samuel Fishman is the Founding and Lead Partner at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, PC. Mr. Fishman represents seriously injured people in both state and federal court. Specifically, Mr. Fishman focuses his practice on Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation claimants.
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      Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia PA

      Samuel Fishman, Esq.
      Samuel Fishman, Esq.

      Samuel Fishman is the Founding and Lead Partner at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, PC. Mr. Fishman represents seriously injured people in both state and federal court. Specifically, Mr. Fishman focuses his practice on Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation claimants.

      Carl J. D'Adamo, Esq.
      Carl J. D’Adamo, Esq.

      Carl J. D’Adamo is an attorney who focuses his practice on helping seriously injured people recover fair and appropriate monetary damages for their pain and suffering. Mr. D’Adamo’s practice includes representing victims injured in tractor trailer accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and more.

      Our Settlements

      The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman works aggressively on our clients’ behalf to
      negotiate personal injury settlements that properly compensate the victims of others’ negligence.


      $3.5 Million

      Tractor Trailer Accident

      $1.7 Million

      Motor Vehicle Accident

      $500 K

      Slip and Fall Injury

      $500 K

      Auto Vehicle Accident

      $1.5 Million

      Motor Vehicle Accident

      $750 K

      Motor Vehicle Accident

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      The Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer Northeast Philadelphia Trusts

      Personal injury is a legal concept that dictates who is held responsible for injuries caused by another party’s actions or negligence. If you sustained injuries in an auto accident or while at work, or if you became injured as a result of medical malpractice, you may benefit from contacting a personal injury attorney. Personal injury lawyers are legal professionals who help accident victims seek the compensation they deserve for their damages.

      Personal injury one area of tort law, in which a plaintiff — someone who files a lawsuit — has suffered some type of injury, whether physical or emotional, and seeks legal recourse against a defendant, the party whom the plaintiff alleges caused the incident that led to the injury. Personal injury cases can often be attributed to an individual’s recklessness, negligence, or irresponsibility, as well as intentional. In some cases, a defendant is strictly liable for any injury that results from a given situation, especially in the context of some dog bites and hazardous sites.

      In many cases, personal injuries relating to bodily harm caused to others are often covered by the defendant’s liability insurance. Most businesses have commercial general liability policies that are designed to protect these businesses in the event that someone is injured on the premises.

      Automobile insurance also exists to compensate others for injuries they suffer in an accident in which you are involved.Different states have different rules regarding the mandatory auto insurance coverage that drivers must carry,but a driver's liability insurance generally will compensate others whom the policy holder could have injured inadvertently.

      Many drivers’ liability insurance policies also contain special clauses that protect policyholders in case they are in a motor vehicle accident involving an uninsured or underinsured motorists.

      Philadelphia Injury Lawyers

      Such insurance policy inclusions can compensate the driver for injuries caused by a driver who does not have auto insurance or whose policy limits are too low and do not provide enough coverage to adequately compensate the injured party.Personal injury cases can range from minor to devastating, and personal injury attorneys know how to evaluate a potential claimant’s likelihood of success.If you were hurt because of someone else’s carelessness, you can consult a personal injury lawyer who can help you file a claim, even in the most complex cases.In negligence cases, a competent personal injury lawyer will know how to evaluate all of their client’s potential damages and demand adequate compensation for those losses.

      To receive this compensation, claimants and their attorneys must generally prove all four elements of negligence:

      • That the responsible party had a duty of care toward the claimant
      • That the responsible party breached that duty of care
      • That the breach of duty caused the accident that harmed the claimant
      • That the claimant suffered damages as a result of the accident

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      A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Responsibilities to a Client

      When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, many questions may run through your mind. You may wonder how you will pay for your medical expenses, how you will be able to support yourself and your family when you are unable to work, and whether you will be able to recoup your lost wages./p>

      With so many issues to address, seeking an experienced lawyer can greatly benefit accident victims. If you choose to hire a professional, you want an attorney who understands your case and is ready to fight tirelessly to defend your rights.

      Personal injury lawyers’ responsibilities include:

      Some attorneys may be able to assist with your paperwork and documentation. Your lawyer can work hard to establish the other party’s negligence, with evidence indicating that the other party failed to act as reasonably expected, creating a hazard that led to your injury.  While your claim may already be strong and not require much additional evidence, some cases require that a lawyer gather substantial information to prove your personal injury.

      In many cases, an attorney may be able to offer guidance and support, and it is most beneficial for a client to hire an attorney, or at least call for an initial consultation, right away. The longer you wait to pursue compensation, the weaker your personal injury claim may become.

      Common Issues That Arise for Personal Injury Victims

      Following a serious accident, a personal injury victim may experience face expensive and time-consuming medical issues. Hospital bills may accrue, and medication costs can pile up, putting a strain on your health insurance coverage. You may even be so injured that you are unable to work, perhaps creating a permanent disability. This loss of wages can be devastating to one’s family, completely disrupting a victim’s life and livelihood.

      Beyond financial and physical issues, psychological problems may also arise. Returning to normal life may sometimes seem almost impossible due to the resulting stress and anxiety an accident victim can commonly suffer.

      Fortunately, filing a personal injury claim can help address many of these issues. But, without savvy legal counsel, a victim’s likelihood of recovering adequate compensation can be slim. The odds are often stacked against those who try to represent themselves without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

      My Philly Lawyer

      If you face the aftermath of injuries caused by someone else’s negligence or ignorance, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Search online for “Personal injury lawyer near me” to find an attorney who can offer a free consultation. It is also a good idea to seek more than one consultation so that you can choose an attorney with whom you are most comfortable and who seems to have the best experience and dedication to effectively fight for your rights.

      Understanding Legal Matters in Personal Injury Cases

      A legal professional can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. When a victim seeks counsel, options may present themselves because an experienced lawyer understands the many rules, regulations, statutes, and laws that pertain to your specific type of accident and the jurisdiction where it occurred. Simply put, a personal injury attorney can be a game-changer for an injured claimant. Qualified Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can fight for your rights.

      The Value of an Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

      Personal injury claimants have a higher rate of success when they have a seasoned attorney representing them. Top Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can address your situation, whether it stems from a slip and fall, a dog bite, medical malpractice, a car accident, or any other type of incident.

      The Burden of Proof in Personal Injury Cases

      In personal injury cases, which are civil cases, the burden of proof is lower than in criminal cases. In personal injury cases, the plaintiff, or injured party, must demonstrate that a defendant, or liable party, is at fault by a “preponderance of the evidence.”

      This means that the claimant must prove that it is more likely than not that the defendant caused their injuries. For example, if there is a 51 percent chance that the injured party’s allegations are accurate, then the plaintiff can succeed on their claim.

      This also means that the defendant will try to cast doubt on the plaintiff’s allegations. This is why it is important to share all relevant facts with your attorney so that they can most effectively defend your personal injury claim. Satisfying this evidentiary burden usually will require that the client fully disclose all pertinent details of the accident to their attorney to prepare the strongest case.

      In other words, personal injury lawsuits are won through compelling evidence of someone else’s wrongdoing. If the judge, jury, an arbitration panel or insurance adjuster is not convinced that the defendant caused the plaintiff’s injury, the plaintiff may lose. A top personal injury lawyer can demonstrate the defendant’s fault by a preponderance of the evidence.

      Victims should also seek law firms and attorneys with impressive track records. Certain law firms focus on personal injury law and have obtained countless settlements and won numerous jury trials on personal injury clients’ behalf. Compensation amounts may be substantial in certain cases, and a top injury law firm will have experience representing severely injured clients in incredibly complex and nuanced matters.

       The Roles That Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Play in a Case

      Personal injury lawyers perform numerous duties on their clients’ behalf, including filing complaints and other necessary paperwork, negotiation with opposing counsel and insurance companies, representing them in court, and seeking expert testimony and other evidence to strengthen your lawsuit. A Philadelphia lawyer may even consult with other legal professionals to further examine the details of your case.A committed injury attorney will fight tirelessly for your legal rights.

      These are some of the other things an injury lawyer may do when building your case:

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