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At the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, our experienced trial lawyers provide aggressive representation for everyday citizens against powerful and wealthy organizations including major insurance companies. Here, at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, we have been helping people with serious injuries recover serious money for over 15 years. We handle major personal injury cases every day and have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients. Our firm and team of personal injury attorneys has extensive experience litigating and settling cases in a wide variety of injury claims including Negligence, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Slip & Fall Accidents, Worker’s Compensation, and more.
In a perfect world, you would suffer an injury and the person or company that hurt you would pay for the pain and damage that they caused, no personal injury attorney needed.  Sadly, this is rarely the case. You deserve the appropriate compensation for your injuries. Our office takes on the rich and powerful insurance companies every day. The insurance companies have experienced attorneys on their side. You need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Get directions to our office, call us at 215-464-4600, or contact us online using the form to the right.

Our Expert Personal Injury Attorneys

Samuel Fishman, Esq.
Samuel Fishman is the Founding and Lead Partner at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, PC. Mr. Fishman represents seriously injured people in both state and federal court. Specifically, Mr. Fishman focuses his practice on Personal Injury and Workers Compensation claimants. [Learn More]
Carl J. D’Adamo, Esq.
Carl J. D’Adamo (C.J. D’Adamo) is an attorney who focuses his practice on helping seriously injured people recover fair and appropriate monetary damages for their pain and suffering. Mr. D’Adamo’s practice includes representing victims injured in tractor trailer accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and more. [Learn More]
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